A right proper Stink in Edinburgh
Despite serving as Lord Provost for the city for 5 years until 2007, it is only now, that Lesley has decided to tackle the 20 year saga of the sewage works causing a stink for the residents of Leith.

Residents of Leith have complained long and hard for nearly 20 years about the works causing a smell all over the northern shoreline of the city.

Councillor Lesley Hinds was behind the  Odour Abatement Plan, which sought to reduce the smell from the works, a plan so successful that Edinburgh Council and Scottish Water scrapped it. fearing they would be sued because of its failure to deal with the smell.

Only now, when Lesley is seeking election to Holyrood  for the third time (beaten into 3rd place the last 2 times she tried) is she trying to gain exposure by highlighting failings in the local area.

Make no mistake, Lesley has had plenty of time on her hands to get this solved, and we are expected to believe that by voting for her in May will magic away the problem.

Yes, there is a right old stink in Leith, not just from the sewerage works.


D Fraser

TMR News Scotland.