The Rightful Heir: Issue 3 - Page 033 Pre-Irma Ed.
 The tale of the rightful heir, Prince Orion, and his return to claim what is his.

And Applejack wins!... Her own time trial... But watch out, there's a hurricane coming through. Not the wrestler though.

Some of you know that I live in Florida, though I kinda have that info displayed on my frontpage... Anyhoo, I live in Florida and we have Hurricane Irma lined up to hit the state straight up the middle. Now, before anyone says it, I'll be perfectly fine. This isn't my first hurricane, I'm a veteran of them. Hell, I went through Andrew. Well, I wasn't anywhere near Miami, but still. Charlie was far worse for Orlando though.

Anyways, this is more of an announcement that this Sunday's tumblr comic is canceled as that's the day it's expected to hit. Also, next week's CMC 10k may be delayed depending on whether I have power or not. Thats my only concern, cuz Florida and no power equals hell. Plus I can't work. That too. Hopefully it won't f up my internet too. I have been wanting to stream again.

Do not worry if you didn't get picked. I will be filling in seats for the coliseum over the next pages, so you still have time if you haven't entered your OC, please follow the link below to find out more. Just ignore the date part, cuz thats kinda now. And read the rules...

The Rightful Heir: Issue 3 - Page 09 - 10

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