Riku Kurokawa

Meet Riku Kurokawa. Riku is another kid that is 10 years old and he has like a smart additude. Sometimes he doesn't like to be bothered by others and doesn't really care. But in his heart, he really wants to help others. And not only does he want to help others, he also really loves to help nature. Him and his big sister use to plant flowers ever since Riku was 5 years old. Until one day they tried to save they're favorite garden from a bunch of trouble makers. Riku's sister tried to stop them but then was slapped in the face. Riku was shocked and was just frozen in fear. They pushed him to the side and destroyed everything and took the garden food. Riku was so upset, he loved that garden ever since he was born. The whole garden was full of junk when years came by. He then started to think that alot of people can be really cruel  in this world, why help them if they're not going to listen. And that's why he doesn't talk to much people but, really would try anything to help nature.