Rim of Madness - Arachnophobia for RimWorld 1.0
 Adds spiders to RimWorld.

Adds Spiders & Giant Spiders

  • Eight-legged critters able to weave webs out of incredibly useful silk.
  • Giant genetically-engineered intelligent nephilids the size of a canine.

Adds Flying Spider Queens

  • A failed genetic experiment gone wrong, flying spider queens are capable of creating giant spider eggs and flying short distances.

Adds Webs.

  • Webs stun smaller animals for spiders to catch.
  • Webs can be harvested for spider silk.

Adds Cocoons

  • Spiders spin dead or downed prey into cocoons.
  • Cocoons will be carried by spiders to other cocoons to help make a spider home.
  • Cocoons can have their insides melted, making delicious juice for spiders.

Adds Spider Silk

  • Webs and cocoons will occasionally drop spider silk that can be used in creating clothing.

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