Rim of Madness - Werewolves for RimWorld 1.0
  Gameplay mod for RimWorld. Adds Werewolves to your game.


- 4 unlockable playable werewolf forms (and a hidden fifth type)

- Adds moons to RimWorld with a custom moon cycle system.

- Adds a neutral AI faction of Werewolves to interact with, or engage hostilities with to your peril.

Startup Guide:

- For a playable werewolf, you will need a colonist with the Werewolf (Unblooded) trait. 

- When the first full moon rises, they will go into a Werewolf fury. After they calm down, the werewolf will be able to make controlled transformations in the future for that form.

- To unlock and level up forms, toggle the full moon fury icon to enable further random transformations during full moons.

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