‪I found Chester passed away tonight. When I found him he was warm, so he had just passed, and he looked like he was sleeping. He wasn't sick. His eyes and nose were clear. He didn't wheeze or have visible tumors or anything. Idk his age, but we estimate he was just about 2.‬ ‪He didn't give any warning signs like the others. He just went peacefully. And I'm so happy he wasn't in pain. In times like this I struggle with the why and the how because it doesn't make sense. He was healthy. But rats aren't given long lives, so I'm just incredibly grateful that I got to know him. Tonight I got to hold Chester like never before. He was abused early in life and hated being held, so after he passed I cradled him for some time. My heart just hurts so much. He will be buried beside Billy tomorrow. For the first time since 2013 there are no rats in my life. It already feels that much emptier. RIP Chester, and all those who came before him: Cookie, Lilly, Penny, Louie, Patrick, and Billy.‬