Ripened Durian #4: Media Literacy Versus Female Solidarity
Possibly the most investigative prose that I've ever done. From a journalistic perspective, I'm happy to say that it puts Gawker to shame... which is obviously no real accolade. But I am still proud of it. "The Ripened Durian Awards" series seeks to understand and reveal the gutter of modern digital behavior. From my own (fat-shaming language trigger warning) slim investigations in late 2014, Ken Lowery and Melissa A. Fabello took the proverbial (white-guilt) cake, smeared with People of Color® frosting, to their philosophical hotel room, only to devour it adjacent from one another at the ends of a long dining table and summarily retire to their separate twin beds, without any sexual tension whatsoever (because both of them, even in metaphor, are far too liberally progressive, ie: fundamentally conservative, to understand, let alone even experience the pleasure of sexual tension). Full stop. May I find the courage to eventually delve into their "betters," report on their incongruities and then make elaborate metaphors on this wonderful, game-changing crowdfund site to annotate it all.