Ripples - Episode 3 Part 1 - Public Release

The next update is finally here. This is only part 1, but there's still plenty of story. So if you don't see one of the girls you like in this update, they will likely be in the next part.


  • 911 Images
  • 44 animations
  • 5,000 new lines of code
  • New music tracks
  • Gallery fix - Persistent data should be fixed.
  • Android version file size has been trimmed down.
  • A couple of fixes on previous episodes.
  • Lots of typos, grammar.
  • Other small things.


PC:   Mega  -  GDrive 

MAC:   Mega  -  GDrive 

ANDROID:   Mega  -  Gdrive 

ANDROID(Compressed):   Mega  -  Gdrive
If you're having performance issued, try the compressed version

Hope you like it!

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