Rite of Passage
I did an art stream tonight! Special thanks to Shank for reference image assistance, and to Zuman for hitting me with the inspiration bat.

Tools used: Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Tablet

Zuman says that his setting's dark elves are actually extremely pale, due to the low-light conditions that informed their development, with enormous eyes. I had mine paint her exposed skin and hair with charcoal, not so much for the specific opponent she's tracking, but to better obscure her passing to other predators of the deep.

It's a right of passage for her people, to hunt one of these enormous bears and cut the lure from their heads. Killing the bear is optional, and given the difficulty of actually accomplishing such a feat, it's discouraged to attempt the task solo. The bear's lure will regrow in time - if the hunter is successful. Larger lures indicate a more ferocious, deadlier bear.

I'm gonna try this 'early access' feature for this post - we'll see how that goes. 

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