RMP - Ep b86: De-Liberating

Kent barbecued several times this week...

as the whole country celebrates and mourns after the annual reminder of his birth.

Show notes:

  • Alaska utilities companies are new to the Internet
  • Our fans are awesome
  • iOS 10 beta is a decent upgrade that adds several very interesting features
  • Pokemon Go! has hit mainstream
  • TED Talk:
    • Prosanta Chakrabarty: Clues to prehistoric times, found in blind cavefish
  • Today's military is far too sensitive to be so liberal
  • Verizon has new plans and a new app...they are both pretty good if they work for you
  • Hillary Clinton isn't playing by the same rules as everyone else
  • "Blue on Black" is a great Kenny Wayne Shepherd song, but a horrible social movement
  • Ryan wrote in:
    •  "Hey guys, cool show. I was wondering if you heard about the guy that attacked Google headquarters because he thought they were stalking him. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!"

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