The Road Chose Me - Overlanding the World in a Jeep Wrangler

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As you will hear Dan say throughout this two part interview; “a handshake and a big smile goes a long way”. This is exactly how we met Dan at the Northwest Overland Rally. With several people waiting to chat with him, he would greet each person with his genuine smile and friendly handshake. Answering questions and sharing a few laughs.

Dan Grec of  “The Road Chose Me”  sold all his belongings in June of 2009, quit his job and set off on an Overlanding Adventure of a lifetime. Dan started with a 50,000 mile trip from his home in Calgary to Prudhoe Bay Alaska as he turned south to spend 1 year and 10 months going south to Ushuia, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Overlanding through 17 Countries. After about a 4 year break back at home, Dan set off to Africa, logging roughly 54,000 miles, exploring 35 countries in 999 days. In this two part interview, Dan shares his knowledge, tips and a few great road stories from his overlanding trips.

We recommend digging deep into Dan’s books! If Overlanding Adventure is something you dream of doing, or if enjoy reading about a good adventure, Dan has five books you should have in your library. 

   999 Days Around Africa - The Road Chose Me Volume 2 

   The Road Chose Me Volume 1 

   Work Less to Live Your Dreams 

   Overland Travel Essentials: West Africa: Myths, Misconceptions and Misnomers 

   West Africa Travel Secret Places 






Vehicle: 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Sandy)

Most Valuable: Water tank and filtration system

Water Filtration: Pura UV – Ultraviolet Purifier with Filter 

Water Capacity: 13 gallon tank with miscellaneous water bottles and a 5 gallon solar shower bladder for a total of roughly 20 gallons.

Fuel Capacity: 22 gallon factory tank, plus an external 13 gallon tank, along with an extra 5 gallon jerry can for those extra long stretches. For up to a maximum of 600 miles with good road conditions

Solar: Two 100 watt Renogy Solar panels

Refrigerator: Dometic cfx35 (very happy with it)

Favorite Places: Patagonia & Central Africa

Favorite Meal: Food from local markets as a stir fry, along with seasonal fruits.

Doing Laundry: Central & South America, primarily laundromats. Central Africa would do laundry by hand when near a water source.

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