Road From Autism - Introduction #1
It may have taken me a WHOLE long time last year, but I finally did it! My first introduction for my "Road From Autism" show.

"Road From Autism" is the show where people on and off the autism spectrum share their life stories: their school life, any friends, any talents, any milestones, and any ideas for the future.

The reason I came upon this idea for a show like this is that I too have autism, in a higher level. I felt so sheltered and shy, I want to share my story so badly, but I don't know how I can tell it. I have been so much talent that almost everyone in the world has a story to tell and so many great talents, just like I do. So, I was hoping that people with autism have a chance in the spotlight, with no hesitation to their part.

I know are people out there who think people with autism or any other level on the spectrum who ignore or are misunderstood of them. This is another reason: to prove them wrong, for we are nothing too big or too small; we are one of the same.

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