The road to $1000 - New Goals || More Originals
I went through and edited the goals since I haven't revisited them since I launched nearly a year ago now.

Some of the higher milestones have been removed, though they're still goals. Streaming more often, cooking with Jayn, newsletter advice / tutorials, etc. I'll reintroduce those things once we hit closer milestones.

Due to an algorithm change (or something else, I don't know) views have been going down on YouTube - subscribers aren't being notified of uploads, older videos are being recommended more frequently than new ones, it feels broken. I'm sure it'll get less wonky in the future, but my music distribution service is also changing. 

From now on there will be an upfront fee every time I legally license a cover which means it'll be even more expensive than it already is. Usually they would just take a percentage of my earnings which enabled me to release covers even if I was totally broke, so long as I could make an arrangement. 

Now I can still technically do covers, but each time I sing something without re-arranging and legally licensing it I'm just risking copyright strikes and the content ID system is only getting worse. 

These changes have lead up to me deciding to shift my focus to original content. Original songs won't require an upfront fee, and all of the rights and revenue belongs solely to me.  Plus - it's been my overall goal since starting, songwriting is where my passion really lies and I want to develop as an individual artist.

I have a very clear vision of my goals and where I need to be by this time next year to continue. If I'm no where near close to those goals and still feeling at a standstill, I will shut down my Patreon and leave YouTube all together. Likely not forever, I love music too much - but there would be months to year long gaps between releases and overall it wouldn't be a priority. I would slowly ease into not uploading at all. 

I just can't realistically continue putting so much into music if I'm not getting anywhere and at that point I'll seek out another full time job. This year is my one last try at establishing a foundation for an actual career in music.

The edits are as follows:

- $450 (Resuming Singing Lesson)
At this milestone I'll be resuming singing lessons. I couldn't afford to keep going, but my improvement was obvious and that was after just a few weeks of lessons. That was the most confident I've ever been singing, took all of the anxiety out of it, and massively improved productivity. I miss it so much! I'll also add a new patron reward and share the audio recording of my lessons with $20+ patrons.

- $600 (First Original EP)
I'll begin to work on my original yandere- themed EP. Smoke and Mirrors blew up and since then people are always asking me for more and honestly? I don't want to be the 'yandere girl', I don't want to write nothing but yandere songs LOL. I do, however, want to thank everyone for their love and support and do an original EP (maybe 4 new songs) all telling different yandere-themed stories. That I way I can say thanks, produce more for those who keep asking, and then move on. This will be my first full original EP, include instrumentals, and be accompanied by at least one full anime-style music video and a revamped version of Smoke and Mirrors.

- $900 (Sheet Music)
Ah, sheet music. Another thing everyone is always asking me for. I don't read music, and midi-to-sheet converters always seem to mess something up. I'd really like to be able to hire people to transcribe my original music to sheets, so that I can share them with you guys and people can do all sorts of amazing musical things with them.

This is the big goal. Okay, so at $1000 I can start to transition from doing primarily covers with an original here and there to doing primarily originals with a cover here and there. When I do a cover, I can afford to re-arrange it in a way that consistently suits my voice and style. 

Cover requests will become a patron perk, so that whenever I do sing a requested song it'll be something YOU really want to hear. 

Reaching this milestone also means a steady flow of content on digital stores like Spotify, consistent quality, and that I can begin to develop as an indivual artist.

- $1500 (Live Instruments)
At this point I can start having more live instruments in my originals. You probably won't really notice it until we get here, but the difference between virutal instruments and real ones is incredible. If I could work with session musicians and producers, the quality of my work would SKYROCKET.  

At this point I would also like to take all of the originals I've done thus far, have them re-mastered and produced by people better at audio-production than I am and release my first full studio album. Everything from "Wound" to "When It Rains" and future originals, 12-14 tracks, some original music videos. At this point I'll start to plan out the original album and make it a reality.


I'm resolved to work harder than ever this next year. I'm settled somewhere I can call 'home' as of September, and there's nothing holding me back anymore.

I'll continue trying to find ways to thank you guys for your support and make you proud to be such a huge part of my journey. I'm working on a 'wall of patronage' right now. I can't think of anything better right now, if you come up with a good name please share haha. 

Anyone who pledges $5+ will have their name added to a wall in my room right under my YT play button, to keep me motivated and remind me of my amazing support system. I'll post an update on this after I find a cute way to display them.

I love you guys! Can't wait to hang out again during the next Cake Night, which'll be sometime next week. I'll announce a date and time in a day or two, but it'll probably be a weekday to avoid Christmas weekend.

Thanks for everything. Hoping for a productive 2017!