Road to Romance v1.1 - Mod Release Sims 4

DECEMBER 31, 2020: Updated for:
- A few Performance Improvements :)
- Toned down autonomy on interactions that trigger the affectionate mood; also made moodlets not appear each time from these interactions, but more occasionally.
- Removed negative moodlets for teens that would show up due to 'low skill' even though teens don't have access to the Romance skill. They're still waiting for their own Romance Skill module, which will come! So many mods to make / update, and so little time! Days should be 48 hours!

Edit Nov 19: Fixed text once again not showing in games that aren't set in English.
Edit Nov. 17: finished cleaning out a bunch of tiny tuning mistakes,  they weren't doing anything much at all really, but I like it better  without them of course!
NOV. 10, 2020 - Important Update
- Fixed the mod for today's patch

- Now THIS MOD REQUIRES THE MOOD PACK MOD, a mod by me that you can find here and that will gradually become required for most of my mods. Download it HERE

Road to Romance

Coming in a future update: "Ask to Go to Bed Together" (for couples to go to sleep at the same time!), a new kiss interaction.
Update notes: v1.1 - now with a new mood, "Affectionate"! + 5 extra interactions + some little oversights have been fixed.

 French translation by Kimikosoma, Polish translation by Annulay, Spanish by Onnya, Chinese by MuMu. 
- The Romance Skill, which brings new interactions and moodlets.

- A new mood: "Afectionate": at higher Romance skill levels and in highly developed relationships, Sims can experience this mood.
- Sims can go on Rabbit Hole dates with their partners
- Counselling: for couples and singles
- Online Dates (very basic, because the mod "SimDa Dating App" by LittleMissSam exists ;) I think it would go well with this mod and do recommend it!)

- Cheat Skill Up or to Max (click on your sim, go to 'actions', the cheat menu for this mod is there)
- Automatically give NPCs a Romance Skill level

Gain Romance skill by performing any of the game’s Romantic interactions that grant positive relationship points, and using the interactions this mod adds.
If your sim is already in an established relationship, I recommend cheating their romance Skill up once or twice.
At first, Sims will be a little bad at romance. It impacts how quickly romance develops between them and others. It also impacts the quality of moodlets they can obtain from WooHoo. As they grow their skill, these things improve. There are 10 levels and 5 thresholds, 2 levels in each threshold.
 First Threshold: 80% chance of WooHoo results being an Uncomfortable or Embarrassed moodlet, WooHoo cannot grant great moodlets (such as “Seeing Stars” or “Completely Satisfied”). Romance relationship points are gained half as fast than in the un-modded game. Sims occasionally get Tense near love interests (see image).

Level 1 – “Confess Never Having WooHoo’d” (if it is the case) / “Admit Having Little Experience” / “Research Romance Tips and Tricks”, “Create Online Dating Profile” and subsequently, “Go on Online Date” and “Browse through Dating Profiles”, "Talk about Love Life" (with friends)
Level 2 – “Ask about Exes”; “Talk about Exes”;  (in the early stages of relationships), “Research WooHoo Technique”, "Share Deeply Personal Thoughts"
   Second Threshold: 45% chances of very positive WooHoo moodlets being replaced by negative ones. All other WooHoo moodlets remain free to occur as in the unmodded game. Romance relationship points are gained roughly 40% less fast than in the un-modded game.
Level 3 – “Discuss Relationship Ideals” and “Discuss WooHoo Preferences” (in early stages of relationships), "Make Future Plans"
Level 4 - “Discuss Living Together”, “Express Interest"
    Third Threshold: Romance relationship points are gained roughly 30% less fast than in the un-modded game. wooHoo moodlets work like in the un-modded game.
Level 5 – “Reaffirm Devotion” (if high relationship score); “Compliment Personality”; 
Level 6 – “Enthuse about Relationship”, “Appreciate for All the Little Things”, “Joke about Bad Lovers”, “Reminisce about Early Days” (if high relationship score)
   Fourth Threshold: Romance relationship points are gained roughly 20% less fast than in the un-modded game.
Level 7 – “Impress with High Romance Skill”; “Create a Love Advice Blog” and subsequently “Write Love Advice Article”. 
Level 8 – “Give Love Advice”, “Make a Funny Flirty Comment”
    Fifth Threshold: Romance relationship points are gained normally.
Level 9 – “Magic Pick-Up Line”
Level 10 – “Beguiling Kiss” + “Charm the Room” (interaction that will make all Sims around flirty, and boost romance relationship points gain by 150%.)
Examples : Interactions at high skill level and in a well-developped relationship:

More examples of high skill level interactions + 2 mood-specific interactions:

Other Interactions (Not skill-dependent):
- “Reveal Relationship Problems” when talking to friends / family. This leads to 3 different outcomes. If the outcome is the friend advising to break up, the Sim can tell their partner they were advised to dump them.
- “Try to talk through problems” (available to couples who went to counselling and are having difficulties, ie their relationship points are under 40).
- “Yell at For Divorcing” – from kids to parents…
- “Blame for the Problems in the Relationship” – a mean interaction for Sims whose relationship isn’t going too well anymore…
- “Enthuse About Partner’s Family” and “Criticize Partner’s Family” (when talking to partner)
-  “Enthuse About Your Children” and “Complain about the Children” (when talking to partner)
- Rabbit Hole dates, counseling and online dating.
- "Share Photos Taken Together" (in the Affectionate mood) - Don't use it if you don't have 'Get Together'
- "Say I Love You" (in the Affectionate mood)
- "Post about great relationship" (in the Affectionate mood, in 'social network' )

About the new mood

 It triggers with interactions from this mod only at this point. If people like it, I will expand it. You will not see the new mood unless your Sim is in the higher levels of Romance Skill and is in a long term relationship or one with high romance points. That's because it's a loving, endeared mood, which I can't imagine feeling outside of a truly caring relationship. So I set it up that way. The mood has whims like all the game ones, makes it easier to gain romance points, and encourages autonomy for romance interactions on the cuter end of the spectrum. 
CURRENT LIMITATIONS - As of right now, "Online Dates" do not grant any relationship point to go with the result moodlets. I have tried again and again, enlisted other modders for help, but only friendship points would load no matter how we went about it - for now. Until I have this working perfectly, I am leaving it out. Your Sim can still go on dates but it won't affect the Sim they meet with or give a relationship between your Sim and the date. It will give your Sim moodlets however. - For now, the mod is only for adult sims. A 'teen romance' module will be made if there is interest.  - Not really a limitation but rather a choice from me - keep in mind a lot of these interactions come and go depending on relationship points. 
   A - Original Version: this is the version for which the above description applies fully.     
   B - No Romance Gain Restrictions version aka Compatibility version / NO Override version: this is for users who do not want romance points to be more difficult to gain OR users who also use mods such as: "SlowerRelationshipProgression" by MeCoinpurse and "LongTermRelationshipBuilding" by Wiggler. The difference? If you already use those mods, romance point gain is already slowed down a lot. So, my mod in this version does not slow them down, but instead, offers a very small to small speeding up with higher skill levels (at level 10, the increase is of 30%). If you don't use these mods but simply would rather make romance easier instead of harder and then normal, this is also the version for you. If you refuse to use mods that contain overrides of game files, this is also the version for you!      
   C  - More Romance Gain restrictions: this version makes it so that romance will always be harder with this mod than without, but will get significantly easier with high skill level. A Level 10 romance will gain romance relationship points twice as fast as a level 1. The thing with this version is - "twice as fast" is still significantly slower than in the unmodded game.  Whereas, in the "Original Version", 'twice as fast as a Level 1' means, at normal unmoded game rate). This is basically a little bit like "Slower Relationship Progression" mentioned above, but more fully integrating my mod's skill gain system. If you use "Slower Relationship Progression" be MeCoinpurse or "LongTermRelationshipBuilding" by Wiggler, get this mod in version B (No Restrictions / Compatibility version). 
Version A and B will conflict with any mod that overrides the "Loot_LTR_Romance_Main" game files - in other words, mods that make romance gain universally faster or slower. I don't know of any other than   "Slower Relationship Progression" by MeCoinpurse and "LongTermRelationshipBuilding" by Wiggler. Consider those incompatible - they are compatible with Version B of my mod, however.  * Unsure whether this mod will conflict with another? Ask me, and I'll look into it for you! This mod contains no overrides or conflict-creating elements other than the aforementioned - version B contains none no matter what. 
What version do I recommend?  Depends on what you want. If you want to permanently make romance relationship gain slower, go with C. If you want it to be slower for low skill level but then be back up to normal game rate, go with A. If you use other mods that conflict, or do not want romance relationship point gain to be restricted at all at any moment, go with B. 
-- If you're not sure, but know you don't use any mod that'll conflict, go with A. Original Version. If you think you have a mod that'll conflict, go with version B.
Mods that go very nicely with this one: 
- LittleMissSam's Simda Dating App 
- PolarBearSim's Personality Please! and especially, its Restricted Romance module. Can't recommend that enough! 
- Your Sims must use a base game computer for my modded interactions to appear on the computer.

If you are having issues or questions, you can ask about it:
- In comments down below
- In a PM on Twitter
- On the Discord Server

Curious about my other mods, such as "No Strings Attached" or "WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul"?
See mod index here :)  

Don't know what version to get? Then get B - No Restrictions.
This mod REQUIRES my
Mood Pack Mod.

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