A Road Towards Destiny 2
A New Article is out from the lineup I had posted a few days ago! Enjoy!
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Fiber; Fiver Recognition
$5 or more per Intensive Article 6 patrons
As a patron, you'll be rewarded for making my work possible.

  • Exclusive Access to Patreon Feed where you'll get to see exclusive sneak peeks on certain content that will be made available in the future as well as access to certain early renders and more. As well as access to my private instagram and other contact forms where you may talk to me if you ever desire so!
Lucky Number Slevin
$7 or more per Intensive Article 4 patrons
$5 role but a couple times harder. Also cooler. 

  • As a Patreon your name will appear in a Patron Exclusive Section at the End of Each Article I make! [And Future Videos I Plan on Developing] 
  • Access to the Patreon Feed just like the Fiver Bois
Dem Bucks
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$7 role but three times higher, also blue and filled with dem bucks. 

As an effort to separate the roles for those that would like to pledge more than $5 or $7 this exists, with the same access to the same rewards as well as a cosmetic blue ink name in my Los Patrones section of my content! Your buckaroos will be immensely helpful <3 

Holy Twenty
$20 or more per Intensive Article 2 patrons
The Holiest of Thou, you will obtain riches amongst men in the virtues of virtue signaling as well as helping out a fellow starving man. As a coin of gratitude you will be recognised for your help as one of my Holy Buckos in my Content. Also coincidentally the number of years that I will get if I get jailed for hate speech in Venezuela! :^D

  • Exclusive Access to Patreon Feed!
  • Holy Bucko Recognition!
  • Virtue Signal Galore
Rat Knighted
$50 or more per Intensive Article 0 patrons
As a Knight of Rat Kingdom you will be given special treatment by the Rat King (Not really, most of this is cosmetic and I love you all the same) by receiving the special Rat Knight recognition in my content! 

You will also have access to the Patreon Feed!

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