Roadmap: Where's this boat sailing?

In no particular order;

New Commanders

Icon unrelated. Just kidding, it’s relevant.

New Environments

Who wouldn’t want a nice coat of fresh paint every now and then? What if the Direct Strike isle were controlled by the swarm? Purifiers? Or just the inside of a gigantic temple?


Things have been pretty hectic since version 2.0 released, and balancing needs a solid amount of time to make sure things are as even as they can be, especially commanders.


With or without patreon, fixes will happen. But the more time I have, the more I can fix.

New Features

Snap a cinematic shot of your army with a metric ton of relevant stats, customize your emote to better suit you, and whatever else I dream up!

Mode Updates

Whether it is changes to existing modes, or fresh variants, they’re coming.

Gameplay Updates

Sometimes, existing game systems just need a long, thorough look at to make sure they’re as awesome as they should be.

I’ve maintained this project for over 5 years now, and I have a ton of stuff in progress to ensure that the project not only remains fun, but thrives. Supporting me is totally optional, but it sure does help.