Rob Corps Rings for the new people
For the new folks, If you look to the right hand side of the screen, there is a Rewards button that discusses the Rob Corps rings. I've decided to go in the direction of doing a weekly giveaway. Winners are selected each Monday and the rings are sent out every Tuesday.

Edit: I don't sell them outright since I wouldn't be able to do it for only one person. Everyone would want to buy one outright which would put me right back where we were before I made a lottery system.

2nd Edit: Because I am shipping only 1 ring a week, I can ship Worldwide. The problem I had with shipping world wide before was trying to ship as many as 20 rings at once which was anywhere between 400-600 dollars. International shipping is super expensive lol.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Rob Corps Rings
$20 or more per month
For a $20 pledge, you will be automatically entered into a raffle each week to win a Rob Corps Ring. Raffles are held every Monday and Rings are sent out every Tuesday. The raffle also includes Canada, Europe and Asia. Anyone who wins a ring will have 24 hours to claim it or another winner will be chosen in their place. Those who do claim their rings will be removed from eligibility for future raffles to prevent double dipping. Those who do not claim their rings will be put back into the raffle for a chance to win again. This is due to the fact that their inability to respond could be due to emergencies or simply just forgetting.
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