Robert B. Riech gets all of his points wrong on Trumps tax plan
Episode 877   It is hard in my opinion when you are trying to give a rebuttal to any issue, to get all your points wrong.  The only way you can get all of your points wrong, is because you are engaging in propaganda. The anti-freedom crowd in America has this tactic down to a science.  The problem with propaganda is, it takes longer to refute it, than is does to put it out in the marketplace of ideas!!!

 Robert B. Riech and Indivisible Guide have been doing just that.  Ever since the 2016 presidential elections and Donald Trump's win, the anti-freedom groups in America have been waging a full blown propaganda campaign.  Mr Riech by most reputable economist standards would get an 'F' in most Econ 101 classes.  So for him to comment on president Trump's tax plan can only be one thing, propaganda!

 It doesn't take much research and reading to counter all of Mr Riech's point against president Trump's tax plan.  I used for my research and about 5-6 hours of reading to find the truth about cutting taxes and economic growth.  I used the Bible and a life time of reading and study to know that what Robert B. Riech is pushing, is covetousness and envy which leads to class warfare!!!