Robert Dover Gives Anti Bullying Speech At Horsemastership Program
Yesterday I posted a video on Facebook for Dressage Hub, indicating that USEF was having ongoing technical issues with the audio on the live stream. Unfortunately the dressage community took that as the opportunity to attack both Robert Dover and the Young Rider he was teaching. 

Dessage Hub has always been an anti bullying platform. With zero tolerance for bullying I do my best to protect the young riders who are often featured in my videos. These riders are doing the best they can and while I am open for discussion on my videos I am not open for attacks. 

FEI has started an anti bullying campaign called #notinmyyard and while it seems more and more people move to end bullying in the horse community it has become rampant. Robert Dover took a moment this morning to tell all the bitches on the internet to dial back the crazy. Stop being jerks. 

My only thoughts on this is that he should hold the professional riders accountable for the same behavior as well.