Robert Yasumura on Leadership
If you are not following Robert Yasumura on Twitter (@teamyasumura), you are missing out. His tweets are tiny works of art. Like most comedians, he tweets lots of jokes. Unlike most comedians, his tweets are both brilliant analysis and great satire with rarely a dud. He is arguably one of the smartest comedians I know, and he is usually one of my favorite parts of the Jimmy Dore Show when he is on.

There has been a lot of bad leadership shown in the 2016 campaign. I am not crazy about any of the 3 main candidates who are running for president. Bernie Sanders’ released statement on the Nevada Caucus just shifts the blame, he did not denounce the people who sent threatening messages to the chair of the Nevada State Convention (Nor has Barbara Boxer apologized for her childish temper tantrum or has the Nevada State Conference apologized for their egregious behavior with that voice vote. In this situation, all parties are guilty except for the thrown chair which never happened.) Hillary Clinton has a career of being on the wrong side of history until it’s advantageous for her to be on the right side of history and then claiming she has always been on the right side of history. Then there is Donald Trump, a loser in the business world and a con man.

I am also sick of the fear mongering about who to vote for. Vote for Hillary and we go to war with the Middle East, Vote for Trump and we go to war with different countries in the Middle East. I am sick of it all.

We need a none of the above option.

If your reason for voting for someone is “well, the other guy...” you have no reason to be running for office. One thing Bernie Sanders is doing right is that he is focusing on the issues. You want to win my vote, that is damn good place to start.

I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton’s website, (Shout out for even having an autism plank on her web page, however, she has not pushed this anywhere else.) I’m talking about her rhetoric. The reason to vote for her, according to her? Donald Trump. But why? What does she stand for? If you ask her supporters, they say #I’mWithHer.

What does that even mean?

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been using fear to show their leadership. Donald Trump, the fear of the minorities; Hillary, the fear of Donald Trump. I would say Donald Trump is a rational fear, however, that is still not inspirational.

If you want people to get out the vote, inspire us. Barack Obama did that spectacularly and people came out and voted for him. (He also had corporate media on his side, and if Bernie Sanders had that, just imagine what his victory would look like?) Inspire us if you want to win. Otherwise, people will just stay home because fear isn’t enough of a motivator for the majority of this country.

Before I wrap this up, I would be remiss not to mention something that occurred to me while working on this. The bow tie and the gray suit reminded me of Buckaroo Banzai. As some of you may know, I love sci-fi. In 1986 WorldCon was in Atlanta and they showed “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th Dimension.” It blew my 9-year-old brain away.

Kevin Smith announced he is developing a Buckaroo Banzai TV series. I realized that as much as Peter Weller was amazing as Buckaroo Banzai, him playing a half Japanese hero was unbelievable. So I started the hashtag #MakeBuckarooAsianAgain to lobby for Kevin Smith to cast someone who is Asian. I have suggested Robert Yasumura, Mark Dacascos, and Daniel Dae Kim to Kevin Smith. Have a favorite Asian actor you’d like to see play Buckaroo Banzai? Tweet to @ThatKevinSmith who you want to see play Buckaroo and use the hashtag #MakeBuckarooAsianAgain

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