For the Christmas strip I considered doing it in color, and I thought it would be interesting to consider also a concept I floated way back in the beginning. Before I started doing the strip, I was thinking how I could show depressed people differently than the other characters. One idea I thought of was to color everything but the depressed characters, who I would leave in greyscale. The idea got scrapped because I was coloring in Copic markers and it would have significantly increased production time, as well as portability -- most of the series was coloured with five different shades of greyscale, having it in color would mean I would have to carry a lot more markers around. In the end I settled on other visual cues such as the line under the eye and posture. I did this as a test and ended up discarding it because I was already spending way too much time on that one strip but I found it the other day and decided to share it. If I ever have to do covers for depression comix I would definitely consider this colouring scheme, although I would make Robin just a little bit warmer in the greys so that she doesn't QUITE look so much like a statue.

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