Robotech Rewatch 64: Legwarmers of Liberty

The thin-moustached dancing instructor, Simon, recognises Yellow Dancer and is delighted to invite them all to the show. Which they are putting on right here in the barn.

Sera and Korg have a row about their next mission, leading Sera to decide it’s more important than ever that she track down Ariel/Marlene and find out WTF is going on. She thinks that the lifeforms (ie that hot boy she likes and his friends, but also any experimental dance troupes who might be hanging around) should be observed, not destroyed. Korg responds by blowing up Manhattan.

With the theatre in flames around them, Rand and Lancer try to evacuate the dance troupe, but Simon wants to go down with his theatre because the show must go on, damn it.

Legwarmers are hella flammable.