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Rock on tommy!
So, this one started as a quick vid since I'm doing it, then progressed to let's plan it out a bit, then to a typical Mel full blown in-depth rock carving tutorial that I even impressed myself with!

Production wise ....

Well, I'm now setting the white balance manually with every shot which means much more realistic colours on the vids. I've also started to learn about the manual focus, it's a bit dodgy for the first 15 seconds, but the rest of the vid is crisp and sharp and that makes Mel a happy little rock carver!

Still need to work on manual focus, another half a day of playing and I reckon I'll have it down. I'm also exploring the audio settings now thanks to the help of one of you (Thank you!). Hopefully, we'll be able to get that polished up soon!

Oh and finally, after three years and much avoidance, I have a logo and it's really really good!

Don't panic, no matter how polished the production gets, it'll still be me waffling along, cocking up things as I go! Business as usual then! :-D