Rockin' in the Free World!
After a bit of silence for the last couple weeks, I'm baaaaack! Sorry for the delay. I've been wresting with the first couple books lately, and frankly, they are kind of kicking my tail. Oh well, no one said this writing & publishing thing was going to be easy, but you sure do make it a lot easier than it would be otherwise! Thank you all!

I am checking in to let you all know two important details:

1. I just posted a new CV report  on the website that deals exclusively with the consciousness levels of 20 well known US presidents, including the "person" in the job now. This project went from a simple question of whether the current president really is the worst one yet, and then it morphed into a detailed examination of a bunch of them. It turned out to be fairly fascinating and had a few surprises along the way! Read it and share it at your leisure!

Getting Down With the Men in Charge! 

2. I'm working on a new health report just for you patrons right now. It will be done in the next couple days, and I think you'll find it really useful, as well as a look inside my brain. Not that you asked for that last part, but it can be an adventure!

That's the news for today! As always, thank you so much for being part of the team. Feel free to shoot me suggestions for future posts, or any questions you may have. I'm always excited to hear from you!

Eric B