These works are created from found objects to illustrate in visual the heart, soul and mission inspired to coax both pick and pen to forward motion. I will bring a piece forth for each song included the first record. They will accompany our thanks in helping in no small way to allow us to further feed our love in doing what we do and enabling us to bring vinyl back into our lives in a very personal way. No piece will be rushed or have abbreviated its natural flow as I have allowed time and will keep standards steady and pure. HELL OF A STORM - Time goes fishing, a master predator among predators. An old mardi gras mask of sparkling blue crowns a clear shinning bayou moon. A gator spies 2 snagged silver hearts, numbers now up, found on a dry shore where there were 3 before. LOS DIABLOS - The finials at top are shards of crimson glass gathered from the grounds of an airplane grave yard in Tuscon, AZ, pinched and supported by Victorian clothes pins. Backed into a corner, an azure devil reclines, footless and grinning beside the image of 2 children learning to dance framed in antique velvet. A heart of gold, empty and trapped within a cranking mechanism, awaits the rolling of round green dice ...a firm hand to challenge a strange stillness. If you dare follow intuition over solid form and would like to take a chance to reserve one of these pieces the song titles are listed bellow. Thanks you for taking the time to check this out... The Angels' Share Hell of a Storm Break Even Woman Last Cadillac One Eye Love and War Barefoot and Bareback Tract Home Nylons Delays Los Diablos One piece is still untitled - check back soon -Roger