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Rollin' & Tumblin' with didgeridoo in San Sebastian
My dearest friends and supporters,

As you might know, I am working on an album with my friend and didgeridoo player Iban Nikolai. We spent the previous long weekend at his home in the beautiful Basque country to record. As I started to edit and finish our recordings, I stumbled onto a little video from our very first day in San Sebastian, at the end of August. 

Here is one of the first pieces we played, a totally unplanned jam that turned into a reggae version of the blues classic 'Rollin' & Tumblin'. I am using the VoiceLive 3 as looper and for my vocal effects. I have complemented the very simple video from my iPhone with some additional images from the beautiful city. I tried my best to make it shorter, but couldn't find any obvious editing points so I decided to just post the whole piece in its entirety. I hope you like it. 

Thank you so much for your continuing support and I am hoping to post more of our music together very soon.

With great gratitude,

Markus K

PS If anyone would like an audio version, I am happy to send it to your privately.