Rolling the Dice on Content
My brilliant sister who is also a therapist, Alison, helped me see that the jumble of many-titled writing folders, both digital and print that are lying about all over the place (on my shelves, in my computer, floating through my brain), are small but mighty works in progress, ready for some air.

I'm a little bit compulsive (just a little), and when it comes to writing, my inclination is to wait and perfect it and organize it and polish it and rethink the title and find a new angle, over and over and over.  

So I decided to throw a little Fate into the mix. I broke my topics down to five areas plus a wild card option and bought some dice. Starting Saturday, it's on of six categories: Shoegaze, Unruly Mind, Still Life, Pen & Ink, Books, TV & Film, #unbreakable