Rolls Royce by Deryk Houston
This is one of my early realist paintings. I was influenced by various artists working in realism at the time. (Alex Colville for example.) The Rolls Royce is such a symbol of wealth and position in society. When we were growing up in Scotland we were made very much aware of our place. This idea was mostly implied, but my brother Jackie for example, was told directly by the headmaster to remember that he was  the working class and shouldn't strive to be any different.  I think that is why I put the hammer and sickle on a sticker in the left corner of the windsheld:)  

One of the reasons I like living in Canada is because there is a sense of freedom to be whatever you want to be. One really feels that everyone has a chance to succeed and not be squashed down.

My next post will feature some more realist pieces.