RoM - Potions Ingredients Overhaul

There is another mod like this around, and I used it for a while, but there are two things I didn't like about it: the use of fishes and crystals in potions. I wanted to use ingredients from Outdoor Retreat, so I made my own version a while ago an never shared it. If someone is interested in it, though, here it is. 

The ingredients on the Potions are changed to this:

  Forced Friendship:   Moth Luna , 2xToxic Chamomile, Jezebel

 Prompt Resurrection:   2xJewel Beetle, 2xPomegranade, Death Flower

 Plentiful Needs: 5xValerian Roots, 2xMorel, 5xElderberry

 Masterful Insults: Fire ant, 10xMadnip, Morel Toxic

 Immortality: 2xDeath Flower, 3xPomegranade, Forbidden Fruit, 10xPlasma Pack

Rejuvenation: Forbidden Fruit, 2xMorel Toxic, 2xCrow Feather

Transcendent Charmer: Mantis, 10xSnowdrop, Moth Luna

Good Fortune: 2xFirefly Rainbow, Rainbow Fish

Magical Aura:  Firefly Rainbow, Fireleaf Toxic

Emotional Stability: Soot Spirit, 2xHuckleberry Toxic, 2xChamomile

Alluring Aura: Heartfrog, 2xBlue Morpho, 2xElderberry Toxic

Nausea: 2xMorel Toxic, 4xChamomile Toxic

Curse Cleansing: 2xSnowdrop, Morel Toxic, 2xElderberry Toxic, 3xMandrakes

Perk Purging: Moth Luna, 6xMandrakes

Nimble Mind: 5xValerian Roots, Bee

This mod requires Outdoor Retreat, Season and Pets. 

I didn't want to make it too hard but I also wanted to use ingredients that made sense, and make some potions more hard to do (like the potion of immortality). Clearly, with this mod a witch has to know herbalism.

I also have the version of the potions with these ingredients for Vampire Magic, replace the standard one with this one if you want the same ingredients to apply to potions made by vampires.

WEED VERSION - Requires Basemental Drugs

Pick only the weed or normal version. You need the ingredients for vampire witches only if you have vampire magic.

___ UPDATES 11/20

The Crow Feather and Plasma Packs were sadly not working as ingredients and needed to be replaced

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts