Romancing the Kingdom .45 Available for Free to Everyone
First, what's new in the latest .45 update?

* My biggest monthly update for this game since I started. More support, and free time, means I've put in a lot more effort into making this a very fun update.

Some stats and a bit of detail so you know what's in the update:

88 new images in game (71 story, 30 animation) (compared to a total of 74 last month with animation, so a bit more visuals).

* 6 new riding to Camelot renders (previously just referred to as "the city,")

* 42 Camelot arrival and inn with Polly's interrogation of the Inn's staff 

* 10 Camelot departure scene 

* 9 new throne room scene 

* 3 new travel / background images 

* 1 new 30 frame animation (f/f oral scene)

Mega downloads:




Via my webserver: