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RONIN DIARIES - Book One, Caution
[This will go before the Introduction and after the Premise.  I've delayed releasing the whole book to you for just a bit longer.  I want to be proud of it, when you receive it.]


“Aren’t you worried that this technology might get into the hands of terrorist organizations?”  

The young Ivey League graduate standing before me was dead serious.  It was March 2005 and he’d just completed my boot camp for claiming radical self-authority, and had personally experienced a potent force of honor and vision arising from within like never before.  He wanted to know if I had a plan to prevent this ‘human technology’ from falling into ‘the wrong hands.’  

My answer at the time was that this technology transforms the user over time, opening their mind and heart, resulting in them becoming a dangerous force for good, à la terrorist-cum-respected visionary leader, Nelson Mandela.  So, I reasoned, that while some might seek to use the technology to destroy, its use facilitates a Malcolm X-like evolution within the user: First one feels a powerful call from within to stand up for yourself and your people in the face of anything and anyone—even alone if need be—and then over time applying the technology, you eventually come to stand for all.  

Of course any technology “in the wrong hands” can be dangerous.  

But consider this fair warning, my dear reader.  The ideas and technologies I speak of in the Ronin Diaries could be dangerous to your life as you know it. You might wake up one day in a strange new world with a wide open future you never before imagined—with skills and abilities for navigating the world which you never imagined possible.  

As I do not know you, I cannot advise you to 1) “follow in my footsteps” and leave the life you now know behind on an epic quest for freedom, wisdom and adventure, and/or to 2) become intimately acquainted with the technology of which I speak.  

Experience compels me to assure you that should you venture further with me, life as you know it and the path you are on may be about transform in unpredictable and challenging ways.  

Always mind your step.

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