Roninpawn Presents: A New YouTube Channel
Patreon! You and twitter are getting an exclusive today. I've just finished erecting "Roninpawn Presents" -- a new channel on YouTube where I can do some random comedy and silliness unrelated to gaming.

The project that has kept me so busy lately is the first video to grace this new channel, which I've just released. Do to foreseeable and completely reasonable copyright issues, I have made it an unlisted video after it was immediately struck with a worldwide ban/copyright claim. I've filed with YouTube under Fair Use/Parody to have it released for monetization and I have high hopes that it will be.

Until then, rather than link you to the new channel I'll just send you straight to the unlisted video entitled:

"A White Guy's Rendition of... Hotline Bling by Drake"

Don't forget to subscribe to the new channel and like the video -- if indeed you do. ;)