Room #4 (January 2017)
For the last map of the month, I've not had any specific requests from the remaining folks that have pledged at the 'dungeon builder' level, so I've just gone ahead and drawn another room tile.

However Rich Neves did ask if there would be any possibility of creating a few sci-fi maps ...but I'm afraid that would be another project in and of itself (and maybe something to consider in the future) - but it did give me the idea of drawing a 'transporter room' of sorts (albeit a fantasy one in this case ;) ).

So, for this map we have a magic sigil covering the floor of the room - with a large metal bowl/plate at its centre (which might be used to contain some kind of sacrificial offering or payment). Furthermore, recessed into each corner of the chamber are large circular plinths - atop which strange magical energies pulsate.

However, what these 'magical energies' represent is entirely up to you (be they some kind of teleportation spheres that can be used to access other parts of the dungeon -or- holy energies that grant the PCs a boon if they are worthy of such a blessing -or- portals to other planes).

And, as always, I've also included an 'empty' tile based on the same room layout :)

Anyway, here's hoping that you guys like it!

* * * *

Note that all of these maps are being collected in THIS ALBUM , as well as being available over on GOOGLE DRIVE .

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