Rosamilia Roadtrip - P.E.N. Patreon Exclusive
Shelly Rosamilia (Lunch Ladies Book Club) and Armand Rosamilia (Arm Cast Podcast and The Mando Method) are married. Hence the same last name.

They also own Project Entertainment Network. They also eat at great restaurants and travel quite a bit. They're also a really good-looking couple. 

Armand takes way too many pictures of every meal he eats. Shelly can talk intelligently about a meal, like what it is they're actually eating. 

An idea was born.

Beginning soon their love of food and finding great places to eat will be heard 'round the world... or at least as part of Patreon for the P.E.N. family.

Special thanks to Bill Howard (the unsupervised podcast) for the cool logo, which made him hungry... and should make you hungry for more of this podcast!