Rose Reads Aloud: "Listen to the Moon" Chapter 1, Scene 1

Gentle readers,

Here's the first scene of Listen to the Moon, as requested! I didn't expect this book to win in such a landslide, but John and Sukey are very flattered by it. 😘 

Just remember that YOU chose by far the steamiest book on the list, so I don't want to hear any remarks about it being awkward when I read those scenes!

I apologize for the imperfections in sound. I decided no one would benefit if I spent an hour fussing with each 5-minute segment. I'm sure my technique will improve over time! I've already learned NEVER TO MOVE MY HEAD. The first pancake is always a blob, as they say! Thanks for bearing with me as I learn.

Yours, &c.,

The deets:

A 5-10 minute installment will go up every day for four weeks. At that point, if we're all enjoying ourselves and I decide to continue with the feature, I'll add a new $7 Patreon tier that you can join to retain daily access (or NOT join, to avoid daily notifications--thanks for your patience in the meantime!). Patrons at any level will still be able to access biweekly or monthly master posts.

The book:

Listen to the Moon (Lively St. Lemeston #3).

She’s a maid-of-all-work, and he’s a valet of no play...

John Toogood always prided himself on being the perfect gentleman’s  gentleman, skilled, discreet, and professional. But now he finds himself  laid off and blacklisted, stuck in tiny Lively St. Lemeston until he can find a new job. Any job.

His instant attraction to his happy-go-lucky maid Sukey Grimes couldn’t come at a worse time. Her manners are provincial, her respect for authority nonexistent, and her outdated cleaning methods…well, the less said about them, the better.

Sukey can tell that John’s impeccably impassive facade hides a lonely man with a gift for laughter—and kissing. But she also knows he’ll leave her sleepy little town behind the moment he gets the chance, and she has no intention of giving him her heart to take with him.

John learns that the town vicar needs a butler—but the job is only for a respectable married man. Against both their better judgments, John and Sukey tie the knot. The ring isn’t on her finger long before Sukey realizes she underestimated just how vexing being married to the boss can be…

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