Rose's Family Name.
As Armistice Arcane approaches, I am completely thrilled to be playing this character. The game designers sent out our entire character backstories, with our goals and relationships to other people in our group. Rose is pretty awesome. Not only is she a tough Senital but she has complex feelings that I know are going to be a delight to play. There was a bit of a miscommunication. After everyone voted for Rose Marie's name, the writers assumed Marie was her last name. I don't mind her going by Ms.Marie. However I wanted to give you all a chance to give your input for her family name. Rose grew up poor but from a well known family. Her cousins had money and often gave her their old dresses. Rose was born amd raised in England, though she has been living in New England for some time. Leave a comment below on what you think Rose Marie's last name should be.