Rosznar Family Villa in Waterdeep


The main house in the Rosznar villa is a five-floor building. I have mapped out each floor, but none of them are Forgotten Realms canon or based on existing floor plans. I designed the floors to make the most functional sense. The odd triangle shape of the building made it difficult to utilize all the space.

  • Floor 1 - This is the entertaining floor. The exterior stairs lead to a receiving area. Guests would flow to the dining area with a long table and fireplace. Next to the dining area is a space for servants to perform small food prep and stage each course for dinner. Next to this area is a storage closet for dishes. The stairs in the prep kitchen are the only ones up to the upper floors.
  • Floor 2 - This is the study/offices and library floor. I figured this would be where the family spends time engaging in business and taking working meetings. 
  • Floor 3 - This floor contains rooms for the Patriarch's immediate family. It is also where the family can go to bathe.
  • Floor 4 - This is the grand living quarters for the Patriarch and Matriarch. With an area to get dressed and then a small sitting/meeting room. The stairs on either side of the building lead up to the top floor of the towers.
  • Floor 5 - The two towers are on this floor. I made them sitting rooms for relaxing and taking in the view of Waterdeep. The Rosznars can also secure wealthy prisoners in these rooms if needed.

Each battle map is 32 x 32 squares at five feet a square. The maps match up precisely to the building's location on the grounds map. All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.

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