Rosznar Family Villa in Waterdeep

House Rosznar is one of the main enemies in my Waterdeep campaign. Detailing their villa in Waterdeep is useful for my campaign and where I am currently focusing my map-making efforts. This post provides an overview of the villa grounds and all buildings. The shape, dimensions, and the number of buildings come from the Waterdeep city map in the City System. 

The interior of the buildings and the number of floors, as you will see in future posts, are my design. Wizards of the Coast books don't get into great detail about the floor plans for the Noble villas. The only information I was able to locate was the number of stories, which I assume is for the main house.

I created two images, one image with numbers labeling the buildings and one copy without the numbers. The building names and usage are as follows:

  1. Main house - The building itself is a very odd triangle shape. I added two towers to the building for added architectural interest. The patriarch and his family reside in the main house. The Rosznars entertain guests here.
  2. Noble's House - The rest of the nobles in the family who are staying in Waterdeep and do not have their own house reside here.  
  3. Servants house - The servants reside here and prepare meals here for the family.
  4. Guardhouse - The Rosznars are allowed up to 30 guards for protection, and they reside here.

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