Rosznar Villa Noble House

The noble's house in the Rosznar villa is a three-floor building.  I designed the floors to make the most practical sense for use by the non-Patriarch members of the family. I have mapped out each floor, but none of them are Forgotten Realms canon or based on existing floor plans. 

  • Floor 1- This floor is used for cooking, dining, and a study for members of the noble house. 
  • Floor 2 - This floor is for bathing and rooms for high-level guards in the family and some of the younger family members. 
  • Floor 3 - This floor contains rooms for the brothers and sisters of the Patriarch.

Each battle map is 17 X 13 squares at five feet a square. The maps match up precisely to the building's location on the grounds map. All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.

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