Rosznar Villa Guard House in Waterdeep

 The Guardhouse in the Rosznar villa is a two-story building where the guards can sleep when not on shift. On the first floor are a couple of tables for eating and playing games. The fire is there to keep them warn. The room under the stairs has a trap door that leads to the underground tunnels.  I plan to have a map of the tunnels that run underneath all of the houses in the villa. I assumed that the guards would either eat with the servants in the servant's house or would get food from there and bring it back to the Guardhouse. The Guardhouse then has a very sparse feel and function.

The second floor contains the beds and footlockers for the guards on staff. The beds are bunk beds, and you see the top bed of the two. The second floor provides a sleeping area for up to 12 guards at a time. Because noble families can have up to seventy warriors, I plan to add bedrooms in the servant's house for a portion of the guards who permanently reside on the villa grounds.  I also assume personal guards would sleep in the residence of the individuals they were protecting.

Each battle map is 20 X 16 squares at five feet a square. The maps match up precisely to the building's location on the grounds map. All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.

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