Last weekend, I got to go to RotLCon, a small MLP convention in Denver. I planned to post about it earlier, but it's been a pretty crazy week for a lot of us! Fear not, I'm back, there's an AVS this week, and I've got some footage for all of you!

There's also one highlight I want to share, because it meant so much to me. I DJed a surprise set in the lobby, in costume and in character. And it was amazing. I got to share brony music I love with everyone else, and once people stopped wondering how I was DJing with hooves, they really got into it. There were people of all ages gathered around. There was lots of energetic dancing. There were tons of smiles. It really did fill my heart with sunshine and made everything it took to put it together worth it.

But the best part was actually after the show. This mom came up to me and thanked me, because I was the first person to make her little girl dance. All. The. Feels.

A special thanks to my crew for setting up the equipment!

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