Dear Supporters,

Chayama is working steadily on artwork...behind schedule, but pushing forward, one image at a time...

Check out these 2 rough drawings of Shu fighting the villains seeking to possess Ren's terrifying powers.

And, little by little, we're putting more flesh onto the story:


The year is 201X. Mayor X, one of the 8 mayoral dukes vying for power in the Metropolis, has found the ultimate weapon to catapult himself from mediocrity to glory: A youkai spirit capable of incredible destruction. The secret spell to unlock the youkai’s powers is kept in an underground vault in his city hall. With visions of achieving ultimate glory, he opens the ancient spellbook and performs the rite.

Nothing happens. No spirit. No power.

Or so he thinks.

Unbeknownst to Mayor X, a young girl materializes just outside the vault. Ren is the manifestation of the youkai’s awesome powers. But she’s untamed and physically weak, and knows nothing of the world.

Ren roams around, sometimes a carefree little girl, and other times a desperate scavenger in search of the flesh she needs to survive.

Meanwhile, Shu is a 20-year-old civil servant trying to master the ropes of his new job in the city’s child protection agency. He doesn’t have a clue about children or protection, but wants desperately to get a grip on his own life and flails about in his earnestness. He thinks he’s found his first case when he spots a little girl wandering by herself in an abandoned wing of the city hall. He follows her into a rundown room is appalled by what he sees before him:

The girl is devouring flesh, she has blood dripping from her mouth.

Shu is in way over his head. He is revolted, but also sees that Ren is just a child, blameless, and innocent. She knows nothing, not even how to speak. She needs him. He can’t walk away.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

...Other powerful forces come to hunt down Ren, seeking her powers as the ultimate military’s up to Shu to protect her...but how?

...Ren figures out she can trigger superpowers in Shu...he sprouts a werewolf claw, Ren’s whimsy, just when she needs him for protection…and to feed.

Shu and Ren are bound to one another. She needs him to navigate the world, for survival. He needs her to battle the enemies who pursue them relentlessly. They are plunged into a grand power struggle that goes beyond Mayor X’s ambitions. Ren holds the power that can potentially destroy them all.


So this little vampiress is like a walking nuclear bomb in a Machiavellian world of cutthroat power struggles. Her accidental werewolf protector is charged with teaching her how to be human, while keeping her from destroying the world.

This is all still in evolution, and I will continue reaching out to more backers to massage the story into shape.

Thank you all for being part of this adventure. As always, we welcome your comments!


and Ryosuke Inagaki