(Rough Draft) Excerpt from my first story!~

Torik escorted his prospective  student through the grand plaza around a monumental fountain, to the kingdom's heart, the Yersin Castle. Along the way, Rowan felt the scrutinizing eyes of the city's residents weighing him down. You don't belong here... Why doesn't the filthy thing crawl back into the sewers...  Rowan's mind clouded and his anxiety was mounting. Maybe I should turn back, after all why should some nobody like me get to become an apprentice to knighthood. I'm just some kid from the home of vagrants and convicts.   

"You doing alright there, Rowan? You haven't said a word since we got into town. Not getting cold-feet are you?" Lost in haunted thoughts he hadn't noticed the concerned look on the knight's face when they had stopped in front of the castle entryway. "I'm not letting you get out of it that easy! I said I'd take a chance on ya and I'm sticking to my word!" Torik pulled the boy by his sleeve and paraded him inside. 

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