Rough draft of Untitled

Have you ever looked outside on a nice summer day and thought that everything was wonderful and as it should be? When I say looked, I mean really looked. There is always something out of place, something that doesn’t quite ‘belong’. It could be something subtle, like a single leaf that intersects with the one beside it, or it can be much worse. Worse being an 8ft tall ant monster eating your car. Granted it’s never really that drastic. Think about it, even now when you’re reading this, something feels slightly ‘off’.

I know what you’re thinking, that I am just some crazy guy that decided to spout off bullshit into every corner of the room, but just hear me out. Not everything is as it seems. For example, if you had a unique form of color-blindness that just swapped all your colors to other ones 9red is blue, blue is green etc.) you would be taught the names of those colors differently and never know the difference. Everyone else in the world would see purple while you saw orange. Something slightly off that would go unnoticed. Now let’s just think for a moment that there was a way to be able to ‘see’ the differences. A strange case of color-blindness is really nothing to worry about, but what about that 8ft tall ant I mentioned earlier.

Things exist in our world that most people completely overlook. However, not everyone is as blind as most. There exist people in our world who can see the things that don’t belong or the things that shouldn’t be. Imagine it like a spot-the-difference picture puzzle or one of those pictures that conceal a face inside it. I believe that what causes these things to happen is that our world is colliding with other planes of existence. 

Think of this as a bowl of marbles. For every plane, there exists a marble is set to go around the bowl. However, none of them are going around at the exact same pace so, eventually, they collide into one another. The marbles might just graze each other or they can hit head-on. Except they don’t quite hit, exactly. They, more or less, pass through each other, causing changes to happen to one another as they move along. So, when two planes graze each other they cause small changes, but when they pass straight through each other head-on, larger changes happen.