Round Black Glasses, Part Nine
Page 17 of my most recent 24 Hour Comic, drawn in October 2017.  

And.... it's a wrap! I managed to finish this seventeenth page of my latest 24 Hour Comic just at the close of the 24th hour. I had meant to draw 24 pages, but as I fell farther and farther behind in the wee small hours, I determined to go for a "Gaiman variation", named for author Neil Gaiman, whose first and only 24 Hour Comic clocked in at fourteen pages. What tripped me up was adding the gray tones, which dependably put me ten or fifteen minutes over time. I could have chosen to drop them, and draw the last batch of pages purely in line, but I was too invested in having the story look consistent, so I went for fewer pages instead. 

After I finished this story, I decided that I had more to say on the topic, so I made a plan to go back to my computer and draw seven more pages to make it a full 24. This week I drew those pages in a straight seven hour session ( well, seven and a half-I had to break for lunch).  The first of those pages follows immediately.