Route Taken by White Helmets when Evacuated out of Syria by Israel.

Today we took a trip to Quneitra to visit the White Helmet centres in this area and to follow their tracks into the mountains and from there into Syrian territory illegally occupied by Israel before an estimated 442 alleged White Helmets were given safe passage to Jordan. We were unable to get close enough to film the actual security fence and gate that opened for the White Helmets - because there was a very high likelihood that Zionist guards would have opened fire on us.

Locals told us that a number of terrorists crossed into the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights with the White Helmets. A three storey hospital that had been treating terrorist fighters had been completely dismantled but in the debris strewn across the foundations we saw that the majority of medicines and equipment came from Israel. We were also told that Israel would admit seriously wounded terrorist fighters for treatment in Israeli hospitals. The remains of a rocket launcher could be detected next door to the hospital that would have been trained on SAA positions inside Syria.

Naturally, when the SAA returned fire, they would be accused of targeting a hospital and Israel would retaliate on behalf of the terrorist groups.

Video of route that White Helmets took during the Zionist facilitated evacuation from Quneitra.

Photos: Zionist security fence and gate that was opened to White Helmets and terrorist fighters/leaders.

'Birth Clinic' that was actually a terrorist hospital supplied and equipped by Zionist regime

Medicine supplied by Zionist regime.

Cement supplied by Zionist regime

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