RPG Battle System update! + Winding down our Patreon
Hey lovely patrons!

Big RPG battle system asset pack update

This month Pixel-boy  cooked up a big update to the RPG battle system asset pack with many new backgrounds, items, characters, sounds and tracks.

You can download those new assets, along with the many existing ones at https://github.com/sparklinlabs/superpowers-asset-packs/tree/master/rpg-battle-system.

As always, those assets are released under the most permissive license, Creative Commons Zero.

Thanks to MedicineStorm, the Superpowers asset packs are now also uploaded on OpenGameArt.org, exposing them to a larger audience.

Winding down our Patreon page

We'd also like to announce that we'll be shutting down our Patreon page after this month as we're not able to commit a lot of time currently.

Superpowers development will continue as usual at the pace we can manage so keep checking http://superpowers-html5.com and the Twitter account for new releases and updates.

Thanks a lot for your support and funding our open source work all this time!

PS:  If you want to keep supporting our work, you can always donate when downloading Superpowers at https://sparklinlabs.itch.io/superpowers .

Elisée, Bilou and Pixel-boy