RPG Research Podcast Episode 1 Outline
Here is the rough outline of topics discussed in Episode 1 of the RPG Research Podcast.

The full list of topics, with links, will be added soon.

The rough cut audio of the episode will be available only to Patreon supporters, in just a few hours!

Duration:  ~ 1 hour

Filesize (MP3):  pending

The topics covered in this episode include:

  • Introduction: John Welker & Hawke Robinson
  • http://rpgresearch.com/about/staff/
  • Japanese Research on Role-Playing Games & Autism: Kohei Kato
  • Others: Wheelhouse Workshop, Jack Berkenstock & The Bodhana group, Game to Grow, Sarah Bowman
  • Article, Dungeons of the Mind - http://rpgresearch.com/blog/dungeons-of-the-mind-tabletop-rpgs-as-social-therapy 
  • Middle-earth Adventures preview
  • The RPG trailer on KREM 2 News & Northwest Cable News
  • RPG _as_ assessment tool 
  • Token Economies
  • News: Death of Game Designer
  • 1st Edition D&D Wood Box Auction (21 hours left) at 10K and counting!
  • Teaser for next episode: Changes to Adventurer's League