RPG Research 2015 Year-end Status Update

New Video: RPG Research Project Status Update Year-end 2015 - Video includes mentions and thanks to so many people that have donated and/or made this such an eventful year in furthering the awareness, understand, and use of role-playing games to achieve therapeutic & educational goals: Professor Emily Messina PhD, Professor Sarah Lynne Bowman PhD, Phyllis Eide PhD, Brian LewisScott C. BrownAndy DopieralskiJack Berkenstock Jr.Wheelhouse WorkshopThe Bodhana GroupMichael J TrescaJohn Welker, John Muir, Barry Drake, Sandra Buskirk, Perrin Rynning, Christopher Kelly, Daniel Goldman, The Two Bards Productions,Ben DobynsZombie Orpheus EntertainmentDead Gentlemen ProductionsDon Early, Katy Koenen, Brian Huseland, and so many others. Thank you, Happy New Year, and Happy Gaming! - Hawke Robinson.