RPG Talk Show Community Edition: Guests Andy Exclusive: Dopieralsky & Brian S. Lewis at SpoCon 2018
An exclusive interview with Andy Dopieralsky & Brian S. Lewis, on the RPG Talk Show with Hawke Robinson and John Welker, at SpoCon 2018.

Andy & Brian are both well known from their work with Dead Gentlemen & Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE), including: The Gamers, Journey Quest, Dark Dungeons, Attacking the Darkness, and much more.

We were fortunate enough to run into them between panels and have an exclusive interview with them. The RPG Talk Show: http://www.rpgtalkshow.com is a weekly show usually live on Saturdays at 11:00 am to Noon (Pacific Time). While we always cover news in the greater RPG community worldwide, the 2nd Saturday of each month is our "Community focused edition".

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More details on the RPG Talk Show and other episodes an be found on the RPG Tralk Show website.


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